What to Do in Haiti Between Holidays

Trip to Haiti

What to Do in Haiti Between Holidays

The World Bank and other international agencies have recently acknowledged that it is now possible to travel to Haiti, as previously hard to find information indicated. For many years, most people in the United States were not even familiar with the name of the country, let alone a potential trip. Since the recent devastation of Hurricane Ivan, many travelers have been forced to take a more creative approach to booking a trip to one of the least-visited destinations on Earth. While many travelers will still make the journey to Port-au-prince, others have decided to make their reservations at more accessible airfare agencies, like Holiday Ranch International.

While many travelers have been disappointed with previous choices for travel to Haiti, they are finding more attractive options when they look into booking through a website that caters to backpackers and holidaymakers. The site has been especially helpful to travelers to the Caribbean, as many did not know that it existed, much less how to get there. With over thirty-five thousand destinations from Canada to the Caribbean, destinations are broken down by continent and include many locations previously unknown to American travelers. One can now book tickets for a trip to anywhere in the world, including an island like Haiti in the South Pacific, instead of having to go through all of the trouble involved in getting a visa.

A trip to Port au Prince can be booked for as little as $400, depending on the dates that one desires and the amount of luggage that are needed. Most packages require at least a sixteen-hour itinerary, although a lot of them are offered at a reduced rate if travelers are willing to stay longer or are doing a group trip. Travellers have the option of selecting a hotel that is close to the airport, but if this is not necessary, the travellers have a choice between a beachfront restaurant and a bed and breakfast. The cuisine at the hotels is exquisite and a relaxing experience in the midst of a tropical paradise. There are a wide range of activities available in addition to the breathtaking scenery and stunning beaches.

When planning a trip to Haiti, you need to know what you are getting into. Since the recent devastating earthquake, the country’s tourism industry has all but dried up. Many of the hotels that were damaged in the disaster have since closed their doors, and those that remain are often overbooked and highly expensive. Before booking a trip to Haiti, it is important to check out the average room rates in the hotels and compare them to the prices in the popular cities like Montreal, Toronto and New York. This will allow you to choose a hotel in a more reasonable price.

If you have never visited before, a good way to learn more about the history of Haiti and how the country got its start is to read a travel blog post about it. A travel blog post can get you acquainted with the country and what to expect on your trip, especially if you are travelling with family or friends who don’t know much about Haiti. You can also find out more about things to do before visiting the country, such as checking out the beautiful sandy beaches of Port-au-prince.

If you are planning a trip to Haiti, you must also know what to pack in order to avoid being dehydrated while you are there. Water and food are the most important items you should take on your trip to ensure you have plenty of them. In addition to water, make sure that you take along at least some food. Since most people who live in the rural areas of Haiti do not have access to the amenities of urban areas, fresh food can be difficult to come by. Pack a little something to take along when venturing out from your hotel in Port-au-prince, and you won’t end up feeling too hungry when you get back.