Top 5 Must-See Areas on Your Trip to Kakuma

Trip to Kakuma

Top 5 Must-See Areas on Your Trip to Kakuma

Kakuma is a large island in the Great Rift Valley situated west of Kenya’s western coast. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Indian and Burial rivers, the Masai Mara and Tanzania. The beautiful mountain tops of the island are topped by Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kenya. There are many interesting places to see while on a trip to Kakuma. These include:

– Camping in the Great Rift Valley. This is one of the best spots for camping in Kenya as the scenery is spectacular, the camping facilities are comfortable and the wilderness provides a haven for adventure seekers and trekkers. You can choose to stay in a number of tee camps, lodges, or even go for hiking, trekking or camping. You will find that there are numerous game reserves around the area as well as other places of tourist interest.

– The Mountain Cathedral. This is a unique religious building located on the top of a mountain peak. The main church and convents on the island were built during colonial times, when most of the native cultures were Christian. The mountain cathedral was built by the Masai, who are still living on the island. This religious structure has been opened to the public for trekking and other outdoor activities.

– Lake Nakuru. This lake is considered to be the largest freshwater body in Kenya. It is also the densest forest in the whole continent. Trekking the rocky trekking trails in the area will be a great experience as it will allow you to see some of the most extraordinary plants and wildlife.

– Mt. Kenya. This mountain is the second highest peak in Kenya with a height of 5 km. It is best to begin your trip to Kakuma with this destination in mind as it will give you an idea about the camping and trekking facilities available on the island.

– Travel tips. One of the most important travel tips when going to Kenya is to ensure that all appointments have been paid for. Failure to do so could lead to a lack of hotel accommodation. The same goes for all essential travel services. Try to book all such activities well in advance as it will ensure that the lodges and restaurants are fully booked. Failure to plan properly can lead to problems such as not having enough money for food and the price of things becoming higher than expected.