Travel to Naftan, the Historical City of the Caspian Sea

Trip to Naftalan

Travel to Naftan, the Historical City of the Caspian Sea

The beautiful Naftalan Lake is located in the northern region of Baku, capital of the Azerbaijani Autocratic Republic. It is often called the “Cradle of Water”. You can go on a trip to Naftalan with your family or friends. This is one of the most beautiful places in Baku. You can enjoy its charming and unique atmosphere during your stay at the retreat center.

Many tourists visit this beautiful place during their trips to qabala or the golden-haired sheep of Aqsal. If you wish to see a unique place that does not have much crowd during your trip to Naftalan, then it is best that you should visit the village called “Naftal”. The locals of this village say that the location was once a small fishing village but then the government built a national park here. There are many spectacular views in this area of Baku. You can take a ride on the local train to reach the serene hilltop. The view from here will be more spectacular and you will be able to see many interesting places.

As a part of your trip to Naftalan, you must also see the southern parts of Aqaba. It is one of the best places to see ancient Azerbo-Azerbaijan temple. You can also visit the historical site of Aktufen as well as the underground tunnels of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This historical site is interesting for all the travelers who have interest in the history of Iran. In order to find the underground tunnels, you can join any tour group that is taking a trip to Aqaba and you will be taken to this place very soon. You can enjoy the services of a local guide who can help you find the lost path.

Once you have reached Aqaba, it is time to start your trip to Naftalan. You can find many hotels in the city. These hotels provide comfortable rooms to tourists who come to this historical city. In order to have a good night sleep, you can go out with your friends or you can arrange for a barbeque dinner in the nearby restaurants. If you like drinking, then you must visit these bars in the evening. It is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan, especially for lovers of alcohol.

The price of the flights to Baku and the price of the tickets on the buses and taxis are very cheap. You can save money if you book your trip to Naftalan in advance. If you book your trip to Naftalan in the off season, you can enjoy a very low price. Therefore, you can also consider booking your trip to this place in the off season.

The flight from Urumla to Baku will land in Kota-celona. The bus will take you to the outskirts of Baku. You can also take a taxi to reach your hotel in Kota-celona. You can also rent a car if you are going to take the bus. In order to reduce your daily expenses, you should also consider reducing the number of places you visit in a day so that you can afford to pay less for your flight to Naftalan and the other tourist places in Baku.