Best Things To Do In Split

Trip to Split is a must if you are visiting Croatian islands like Kornati, Rijeka and Zadar. Not only is Split the primary jumping off point for some of Croatia’s finest islands to visit but also it is a beautiful city which has literally everything in its charming city walls. You can either choose to spend your daytime on one of the stunning beaches, explore the rich cultural history of Split, the beautiful sea side towns or go wild at the numerous natural waterfalls, explore the mountains or take up some adventure at the Cetina River with a boat ride. If you enjoy nature you will love the landscape of Croatia and the clear blue waters of its lakes, rivers and seas. Or perhaps you prefer an active holiday, where you play tennis, golf or cycle around some of its picturesque villages.

Trip to Split

One of the best things to do in Split, Croatia is to take a trip to its historic center. Split’s main square, Split’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains a magnificent 16th century fort, the Partisans fortress and a fantastic art museum. The magnificent fortress was used by both the British and the Croatian military during the war and is a must to see. For those interested in history, you can stay in one of its 16th-century bed and breakfast accommodation or in a comfortable hotel.

Another tourist favorite with a different angle is to take a trip to Krka Waterfalls. Krka is a world famous waterfall situated on the Velika mountains and is considered to be the second largest waterfall in Europe. This falls is a great time to see the friendly local village people and to drink plenty of delicious wine and seafood. A Krka Waterfall tour is definitely a must on a trip to Split.

You could also visit another waterfalls on your trip to Split. Pljetina is a waterfall situated on the left bank of Plitvice which drops 400 feet to a refreshing pool below. It is believed to have been formed by an ancient river known as the Danube. The beautiful views from Pljetina are breath taking, and you will be able to view one of the most beautiful panoramas on earth. It is definitely worth seeing.

You may want to stay in one of Split’s old towns and spend the afternoon exploring some of its medieval villages and the old churches that are still in place. There are plenty of excellent restaurants in these villages and you will be able to try some typical Croatian dishes such as hrana, polo and Doban. A good selection of places for day trips are the medieval city of Dubrovnik and the old town of Pula.

One of the best things to do in split for people who like to take long holidays is to go on a Roman Emperor inspired trip. You will get to see many of the famous sites associated with the Roman Empire, such as the Colosseum and the Forum. The Imperial Palace is open to visitors every day and you can go on a guided tour of the palace itself. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the famous Croatia star Croatian football team play some soccer at their home ground.